lørdag den 22. marts 2014

Velkommen, your song.

”Her er jeg” er en lille bog skrevet og tegnet af Lisbeth Ingeman Sørensen. På denne hjemmeside og blog kan man læse mere om bogen og dens vej ud i verden.

"In certain African tribes, a song is created when a child is born.  It is their song only, no one else shares it.  You sing it at the birth of the child, again when they get married, and when a person passes into the next world, those they leave behind sing their song in their honor.  
But even more amazing than this is what happens in the tribe when someone does something wrong.  Instead of punishing them, they are taken into the middle of a circle of the whole tribe.  The tribe then sings them their song, believing that they could only have done something wrong by forgetting who they are.  This sacred circle reminds them with love and compassion that they are light and joy and deserve a peaceful life."